Of course, there are other property management companies in our area, but none like ours. We take pride in our innovative, fresh approach to managing and maintaining your property, and it shows in a variety of facets.

A typical property manager will stick to the “Basic Ps”:

Places signs your property’s yard.
Places property information and self-taken photos on basic real estate websites.
Prays that other agents will find someone to rent it out.

Although those may seem like decent ways of building exposure, they are not necessarily the fastest or the most profitable for clients.
Infinity PMC has created our own set of “Ps” that have been proven to be successful and effective.

Price watch.
Keeping an eye on the market is tedious, and prices can change rapidly. Our team monitors prices in the area to make sure your property has a competitive edge.

Professional Photos.
Pictures are worth a thousand words, as they say. Don’t let your first words to your potential renter fall flat. High quality photography can make the difference between renting your home quickly, or watching it sit vacant for months! Infinity PMC hires top real estate photographers to help show your home in the best light to potential renters.

Prospecting through Partnerships.
Because we own and operate a thriving real estate group, the team at Infinity PMC has access to hundreds of potential prospects for your property. Understanding what our clients’ needs and wants are help us match the perfect candidates with your property. Our team of 7 uses advanced property management and lead management software to proactively search for potential renters on a daily basis.

Marketing plays a large roll in any sale or rental of a home. In the end, our marketing strategies help you make money, and not just build awareness for your property.


Our leasing process is quite simple, yet, powerful. Each candidate is extensively screened based on important criteria to ensure they suit the tenant requirements the property owner has designated. We also offer easy online applications for tenants to fill out, as well as convenient “e-sign” lease documents for your records.


Managing a property takes experience and commitment, but most importantly, transparency between the manager and the property owner. Property owners have access to a private online portal that organizes all documents, monthly inspections, liability insurance policy, pictures, and more for their property. Everything you need is accessible at the click of a button!

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